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Saturday 4 June 2011

No he doesn't ok!

So I have quickly learnt that my son does things in his own time. The only thing that he managed so far to do early is be born...a whole two weeks if you are wondering. His dad kept saying when I was pregnant that he must come early and it appears that he listened...he has decided to stop listening ever since then! In the beginning it was taking his time eating and putting on the weight....nothing you did would make him eat faster...all the suggestions were tried and tested with little avail...but he was always thriving and happy so thankfully I never had to be overly worried so much as frustrated. Anyway as yet at 15 weeks he has also decided not to sleep through the night. Something else that I probably should not let worry me either as he has come a long way with how he sleeps. No tears when you settle him, resettling himself if he wakes, wakes once for a feed and generally goes back to sleep again until morning and only on "bad" days does he wake twice. But you see everyone seems to use sleeping through the night as a judgement call of how good your baby is!!! If mums have a problem with their baby they always seem to mention as an aside "but he/she sleeps through the night" so things are not that bad. 

The thing is my aside is how good my son is in every other way. He is such a charmer, always smiling unless of course he is tired or hungry. Always has a smile for his mum and the ladies of course. I can pass him around to others with no problem. He loves playing and being entertained which keeps me entertained and he will happily play on his own for extended periods as well so I can get other things done. So when people ask me if I have a good baby...I say yes. When they then ask me if he is sleeping through the night I just want to shout "No he doesn't ok!!!!" (he is just taking his own time).

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  1. he sounds a lot like Max! He's such a charmer with the ladies too. I don't remember when he first slept through the night, because that time it didn't bother me. What was important to me was that if he woke he would go back to sleep easily!
    It's hard not to compare, I'm guilty of it with my 2, but at the end of the day all that matters is that you're all happy and you clearly are!


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