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Sunday 5 June 2011

Don't tell social services...

But yesterday hubby and I after a "busy" day out shopping and stopping for a cup of tea and cake to feed and entertain my son (that's our excuse and I am sticking to it) well we went to the bar to have a drink. We went to the Merchant Square in Glasgow where you can sit outside in a family friendly atmosphere and still have a drink. When I say drink, I do mean alcoholic beverage as well. What else are you supposed to do when you don't have access to a babysitter? The thing is where my son usually is quite happy to sleep when we are out and about he actually surprisingly woke up and wanted to be entertained! So mummy had a pint in one hand and baby in the other. The worse thing was we decided that since we did not have to take him home to wake him up as usual we may as well stay out and have another one! So I drank two whole pints while holding baby...the only baby about...and well I kind of felt guilty and could not help but wonder if people were watching us....judging. You see while Glaswegians tend not to need an excuse to have a drink they don't tend to do it while being out and about with their children...especially so late in the evening. Then I thought to myself but it's only 6pm!!!! Babies should be in bed by 7 or 8 the latest right...and don't worry mine generally is...if for no other reason than for hubby and I to have a bit of time for just us. Europeans (that could be another post I guess why I don't consider the British to be "European") though differ on this point...not sure about babies but children don't have a bedtime till as late as 10 o clock. I was shocked at this and hubby could not understand why...he explains that he would not have seen his father otherwise. Ha! my mum had us in bed by 6.30, 7pm the latest till I was very old! My British cousin is now living France and has herself commented on these differences...you can check out her blog here.

So having my son out so late in the evening might not seem so strange in Italy...though I still don't think I would have gotten away with the pint in the other hand.

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  1. that's so funny! How many times must we have judged other people for the same thing, but hubby and I did it on holiday too. At the kids entertainment evening in the campsite bar, us and all the other parents had children under control in one hand and our alcoholic beverages in the other!! Our parents did it, so why can't we?!!!


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