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Tuesday 7 June 2011

They are just like you and me

Ok so what is it about babies that makes you forget sometimes that in the end it's just a small person? Or is it just me? When I was pregnant I think one of my biggest fears was holding my baby for the first time because I might drop him. At first you do things so gently because you never know he might just break. You dare not go outside when the weather is bad, after all you don't want him getting sick...a bit difficult for us as it was snowing the day he left hospital...and I live in Scotland so if I don't go out when the weather is bad well I would never go out. I dreaded having to cut his finger nails because I might cut his skin and he might bleed (and in my head the bleeding just never stops!) 

Only slowly do you let things start to slip. You know you quickly suck the soother before sticking it back in his mouth. You don't take as long to get them dressed...actually I have grown additional hands as I learn to put clothes on while he is actually in my arms.Oh and I cut his fingernails.

Sometimes you get a sneeze, or a cough or a sigh and I'm reminded yeah babies are just like you and me.

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