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Wednesday 4 July 2012

The Everyday

I am often taking pictures of most moments and don't really end up doing much editing and just share the ones that look like good captures to me. If you come by our house of an evening about 7ish you will more than likely find the wee man in the bath. He loves this time usually with his daddy so I just love taking pictures of all the laughs. With the constant splashing and movements the pictures are not usually of the highest quality and also Nana is not a fan of me sharing naked photos of her grandson. So here is a picture which I hope is not too blurred and hiding most of his private bits Lol....

The weeks theme over at Sticky Fingers: The Photo Gallery is the everyday. Why don't you go over and check out some more everyday snaps.


  1. Looks like a fun time is being had by both of them.


  2. Lovely photo, so wonderful to have pictures like this to look back on x

  3. Aw that is a lovely photo! All children Love bath time, don't they?

  4. Lovely photo! Bath time is always fun! x


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