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Monday 9 July 2012

The weekly walk: The Beach at Elie and St Andrews

Scottish wet summer weather...WE DEFY YOU!

With all this wet weather lets just say establishing the weekly walk has been rather difficult. This weekend we had a special visitor with us so we decided no matter what we were just going to go for it.

As we do when guests come to stay we usually decide to go farther afield and show them the beauty that Scotland really does have to offer. This was not so much a weekly walk but a drive to St Andrews. We found that a great way to travel there is to do the Fife coastal route which usually means we spend hours travelling and stopping along the way and maybe stopping for an hour in St Andrews. The best bits is the East Neuk of Fife with it's picturesque villages and lovely beaches. We usually stop in Elie to enjoy the beach and Crail to explore the harbour.

We had a decent meal at The Pavillion when we arrived at Elie. The wee man then loved stretching his legs at the beach and of course we had a ball to kick around which made it all the better. 

We explored the ruins of the Lady Tower and he loved seeing the waves splashing and he was doing some great "oooooooos".

 It knackered him out and he slept through Crail which gave him plenty of energy to enjoy some running about in St Andrews.

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