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Saturday 14 July 2012

Fun at the Botanics

We had a great time exploring the Royal Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. After starting with a wonderful lunch  at the Gateway Restaurant (little did we know that there are other options for food!) we had to go and stretch our legs. As usual there is no stopping my wee man and he needs no excuse for a good wonder. It really is pretty and it helps when the sun is shining! We were thankful for the sun as paying to enter the Glass House was just not up our street. We just about managed to prevent the wee man from picking anything as is his inclination and I even managed to get a few close ups of the pretty flowers. It was so relaxing and a breath of fresh air that I am SURE the wee man is going to have a good sleep tonight!


  1. What a gorgeous post! Love how you have made enjoy one of the senses! How lovely and great fun! Thanks for linking up!!! x

    1. I had to use enjoy because at no point was he listening!!! Lol. It was a lot of fun x


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