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Monday 23 July 2012

Television Addiction

So I am sure it must be a normal part of child development even if they don't really mention it in the books...that need to watch lots of TV. The reason why I say it must be normal is because we don't even have a TV in this house and yet my wee man has somehow managed to grow this addiction. You see we have laptops and occasionally we have been known at quiet times to let him watch these Italian children music videos. We figured it was another great way to introduce him to the Italian language...purely educational...honest. It now tends to be though that at most meal times he wants to watch video's while he eats. When he sees the laptops sitting next to the sofa he runs over and plops himself in front of it and just points and grunts...basically meaning now please! If the laptops are on the dining table then he climbs up onto the chairs and just points and grunts...now please! He does sometimes get distracted if he is watching and will go and play and then run back to check that it is still on. At other times I decide that he has had enough and shut the computer over and put it away and after a few tears we are usually okay. At this minute thankfully the wanting to go outside and play is a much stronger addiction so I am not overly worried about it. It's such a great babysitter sometimes though, you can get things done while they sit and watch TV. Then there are the rainy days....and boy have we been having a lot of them this summer. 

We are still debating whether to get an actual TV and as his addiction has grown hubby has become less inclined to that idea. I'm a lot more partial to the idea. So go on tell me...Is TV bad? How much is too much?

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  1. I think the guidelines say between 30 - 60 mins a day and no more, and none at all for children under 3. My little girl is nearly 3 and has watched probably a lot more than she should already, but i don't think it's detremented her in any way, as of yet!

    I think it's just an individual preference, it doesn't mean you're a bad parent or that they're addicted if they watch a bit of telly every day, as long as it's balanced with more strenous activities.


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