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Tuesday 24 July 2012

The morning walk

Okay so I'm not very good with my camera first thing in the morning and so it was rather belatedly that I realised I did not have any real good pictures that captures the theme "morning". So I was on a bit of a mission this morning as I took my wee man to nursery. You see he LOVES walking. I'm always amazed at how far he is willing to go without actually getting tired. The fight sometimes to get him into the pushchair is a battle I try to avoid. So we have started to now walk to nursery and he loves it. He gets to explore his environment. If you go at his pace you may actually never get to your destination! It's not the most cleanest and natural of environments either being in the city of Glasgow and I often find myself saying "No, dirty!". I figure it will only boost his immune system anyway...right? He loves waving and having a wee chat with passers by who find him highly entertaining. Now of course the mission to capture all of this was kind of hard in the end. Due to safety reasons I often found it difficult to actually get a good shot and I only took my phone as well. So phone in one hand, buggy in the other and chasing after a wee boy this is what I got. I hope at least it captures the real joy we get from our morning walk.

I'm linking up with See it Snap it Love it over at Dear Beautiful Boy the theme this week is morning


  1. Awww, he looks like he's loving his morning walk to nursery, the smile says it all.
    Great shot, thanks for linking up. X

  2. You definitely captured "joy". I love it. What I am not liking though is the summer attire. Reason enough for me to never move to Glasgow. :-)

  3. Great shot! You can tell he is living every minute! x

  4. What a happy little chap! Such a great photo. He really does love his morning walk! x

    1. Thanks, we are on our third morning of walking now and he is still loving it! x


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