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Monday 30 July 2012

Friday gone

Last Friday, Friday gone I officially became a stay at home mum. Well the end of my sick line from work is over anyway and having handed in my resignation that is the end of that part of the journey that I have been on. It was by simple coincidence that I chose to go that afternoon with the wee man to Glasgow Green. You see when he was first born we used to live next to this park and go walking there all the time. Then it was all about looking toward the future. When would I feel like I had the energy to go back to work much less start looking for a job? I would see children playing in the little play park and think that soon that would be me and the wee man. Often the children would run around chasing the pigeons that always gathered by the river fighting the geese over pieces of bread and I would wonder if my wee man would do the same. Well here we are in that future. I did eventually get that job that did not work out. My wee man though now excels at playing in the park and no surprises that he tried his best to catch a pigeon.

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