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Wednesday 24 October 2012

A mum who is too proud

Everything my wee man does these days is amazing. To me he is like the only child in this world who is learning and growing. No other child surely does it as well as him! When he says a new word I try every way possible to get him to repeat it. "Did you hear that? Quick lets call the grandparents and tell them!" 

I try not to do it in front of other mums obviously otherwise I would give myself some sort of label and would probably be avoided BUT in my head "Ha! Bet your child can't do that?" 

Every time he does something new, we go to some new activity, he is just amazing at it. You have to trust me on this one. He kicks the ball so well that he is definitely going to be a footballer when he grows up! He also aced preschool gymnastics class so you might just be seeing him at Olympics 2028! He can also throw a ball rather well....I kid you not. 

Honestly he has a go at most things. Okay so a few things frighten him and some things are a definite no but he knows that his mummy and daddy are there. I think I am just a mum who is too proud. I do love him so.


  1. I am TOTALLY like this with my little guy. I think everything he does is awesome and the cleverest thing ever.
    Aren't we lucky having such talented boys? Must take after their mummies!!! X

  2. If his mammy can't think he's the absolute business then who can! He's a gorgeous boy!

  3. well we must have a problem then, because I think my kids are the BEST at everything!
    You have every right to be proud of your gorgeous and clever boy xxx


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