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Monday 8 October 2012

Our weekly walk: Loch Venachar

The weather in Scotland this weekend was fantastic. The sun really could not have shone any harder for autumn. It was great to be able to go out and enjoy all the different colours that the beautiful Scotland scenery has to offer. You really learn to appreciate what you have here when the sun shines. On Saturday we headed to Loch Venachar. It's a nice two hour walk which takes little effort but you still get lots of fresh air and some beautiful views. As soon as we got to the car park the adventure began with huge puddles to explore! 

The beginning of the walk along takes you along a forest track which has been clear-felled to give you some views across the Loch, "aqua", to Ben Ledi. Daddy had a good time chatting to the wee man about what the trees will be used for and it turned into a bit of sensory experience as well! 

You are quickly back into the forest again and what better way to make it interesting than to explore the feel of the trees. You reach a beautiful little Lochan "aqua" which gives you the opportunity to pick flowers and throw some stones and watch the ripples they make.

As the walk continues you then start to really get some beautiful views of the hills until you reach a private road that follows along the Loch itself till you arrive back at the car park. We got to see people sailing, the scouts where there canoeing and we marched along the road singing songs. Then we got out of the back pack to have a good run and to practise our scrambling before it was time for lunch.

Then just when we thought the walk was over and all our sensory experiences were had....

Ah well! Mummy was prepared with lots of changes of clothes! We headed to the Loch Venachar Cafe for a well deserved lunch!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. wow that looks so beautiful! It reminds me a little of the moorland here in Cornwall. What amazing clear blue skies, perfect for enjoying that gorgeous scenery you have there. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids, a perfect post!

  2. The pictures are amazing!!


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