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Tuesday 23 October 2012

A musical household

I love taking photos. I'm not a professional but if I'm honest I try my best and really hope they come out good. This blog has given me the opportunity to really start thinking about the pictures I take and a means to then display them telling their story or that they would tell a story for me. I was therefore really chuffed when Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy enjoyed our story about our love of animals last week as part of See it Snap it Love it to choose it as her favourite. That meant I could choose the theme for this week. It was not hard really I just chose something that matters to this family and for those that know me well enough know that would be music. Hubby is a fanatic. Since my wee man was in the womb he has been listening to music. Whatever we are doing it is always on in the background. Our classical selection especially has grown since the arrival of the wee man. He is forced to listen to mummy's bad singing. We are now surrounded by musical instruments for when we get our groove on and I have hundreds of images of my wee man in action. 

The wee man now knows that the stereo is the main source the musical sounds come from and that it needs a CD inside to make it work. He started to show his interest from about 9 months. Then again it was probably just because it had some really big shiny buttons to mess about with!

The thing is you take your life into your hands when you mess about with Daddy's stereo. Even I harbour some secret fears about touching it. So when he heads over to the stereo and shakes his body showing he wants some music on he gets lessons in how it is done properly. I kid you not! You only get to press the shiny silver button once!

Then you get to boogie.

I'm linking up with See it Snap it Love it over at Dear Beautiful Boy


  1. Fantastic post and great pictures!

    Herding Cats

  2. Ahh bless him, we love music too in our house although Daddy's stereo is behind locked doors!

    1. If only that were an option for Daddy here! In some ways though he secretly enjoys sharing it with his son!


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