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Monday 29 October 2012

One toddler and Kew

This weekend we had a surprising break from home which ended up feeling like a holiday. There was no long planning. Hubby had a meeting in London and suggested I come along so we could make a weekend of it and meet with family and friends. It was an ace idea. We stayed in Richmond so close to Kew Gardens that I decided to make a day of it there! After examining it's on line website I actually got rather excited about it all...there seemed like so much to do that it could not fail to entertain the wee man!

The great thing is that rain or shine it really is a great place to visit. It's also the best season to enjoy some amazing colours! There are so many inside spaces but of course being a botanical garden you are still within nature. We may have actually bonded a bit too much with the nature than we should have. The glass houses are big and fun to explore as well and very pushchair friendly. Never mind that there was lots of water features and fishes to discover!

They also have the walkways where you can even get a more interesting view of all the plants.

and we also had the joy of a little extra surprise!

Kew is big and with a toddler it felt huge! You probably need a couple of days to explore all its nook and crannies. There is so much green space I don't think we were sure what to do with it all, we kept getting distracted with the birds and sticks and leaves and he spent forever having a long conversation with the ducks and swans.

  I even sat and posed for a picture for mummy!

Don't forget even big cities have amazing outdoor spaces!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. Looks like u had a fab time ;) also doesn't look like there were many people there so I bet now is the perfect time to go! Xxx

    1. Yes it was nice and quiet so we had even more space to enjoy ourselves!


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