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Monday 15 October 2012

Autumn Leaves

It was really hard to get out this weekend for our weekly walk. The wee man has not been well and the weather was also against us. Our weekend plans did not include much except a supermarket shop. By Sunday afternoon though I think we were all getting itchy feet and well it wasn't raining. So we bundled up and decided to get some "fresh air". I was tempted actually to title this post "Our weekly walk, the Glasgow River Clyde Walk" but I think I would have been stretching it a little bit. Actually walking along the River Clyde into town can be quite beautiful and peaceful. It's a good 40 minutes and a bit longer with the wee man running about so you do get to stretch your legs. At times you do have to be careful as you are never sure what people or things you might find but these days it is pretty clean and we noticed two different sets of policemen patrolling along yesterday. The best thing though was how the wee man can turn a simple walk into a bit of an adventure, a journey of discovery if you like. Strewn along the path were autumn leaves and did he ever have fun collecting them and of course trying to get them to float into the river.

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