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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Pure Imagination

Watching my son play is one of the most amazing things. I catch myself staring wondering where did he get that idea from. 

Every mum learns quickly that the best toys end up being the least expensive things like cardboard boxes. This particular box that he was given entertained him for ages. 

My son's imagination is obviously starting to grow as he looks at different ways to play with things, imitating  the things that he sees around him. He gets deep into concentration sometimes and has the funniest expressions. He chats away to himself sometimes and I wish I knew what he was saying. Imaginative play is probably one of the best things to watch.

There is no 

Life I know 
To compare with 
Pure imagination 
Living there 
You'll be free 
If you truly wish to be 
(Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "Pure Imagination")

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  1. Bob is exactly the same! She loves boxes! Great post and lovely photos! Thanks for linking up! x


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