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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Fun at the Museum

I never thought I would be singing Glasgow's praises but it really is a great place to live with kids. There is so much that caters towards them that it tends to be quite easy to get out and about and have fun with the wee man. Rainy days or sunny days there are options for both. I am actually a bit scared though that as the wee man gets older he may get a bit bored with it all but right now it's all good. This Friday was a rainy day so we decided to check out the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums as it's been ages since we have been. Thankfully for the wee man it was like the first time we had ever been. 

There is lots of space where you feel the freedom to run about and the wee man was ready. In the Centre Hall there are large animals  on display and a big aeroplane all of which you can go ohh and ahh at. The display Creatures of the Past was another clear favourite. I was surprised at how the wee man looked really interested and wanted to point at everything. Did I mention there are bees?

There is plenty of interactive bits to keep you busy as well and our favourite bit was getting to play dress up! So the wee man has a fascination with trying on shoes...he is always walking around the house in mine. 

I could not believe how quickly the time passed but was not surprised at the fight I had in the end to convince the wee man that no he could not wear the shoes home!

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  1. Looks fab! We will have to visit Glasgow. Edinburgh used to be my favourite city, before I had Bob. We visited in January but it was so child unfriendly. Finding somewhere with a high chair or to change her bum was a nightmare! Glasgow sounds great!!! Thanks for linking up! x

    1. You know I am yet to visit Edinburgh with the wee man! Glasgow is great with lots of child friendly options for restaurants, things to do and I hope places to stay. It's a lot better with the sun shining mind you :)

  2. What a lovely trip. I'm glad that you all had such find. My only memories of museums as a child was boring places.

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    1. Most of the museums in Glasgow are tailored probably more to children than to adults hence the lack of boredom.


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